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6 – 8 50-meters/2 laps 1-mile 500-yards
9 – 10 100-meters/4 laps 2- miles ½ – mile
11 – 12 150-meters/6 laps 4- miles 1 – mile
13 – 15 200-meters/8 laps 5- miles 1 ½- miles

*Per USAT, an athlete’s competition age is how old the athlete will be on December 31st. For example, if your child turns 9-years old in August, but is 8 on race day, their race age is 9.  They would be competing in the 9-10 year old age group.

The swim is in the 8-lane, heated, outdoor 25-meter pool at The Club at Spindletop. Lifeguards will be poolside along with a doctor. Each child will start their race in the water, no diving or jumping is allowed. Athletes will swim the length of the pool, touch the wall (flip turns are allowed),  go underneath the lane rope, and swim back in the new lane. On exit of the water there will be a short run on concrete down to the transition “IN”, and shoes are permitted for this run. A special needs table will be set-up at the pool gate.


Each age group will have a colored swim cap for quick identification. The Kid’s Legacy Tri swim caps are required to be worn during the swim. Goggles are permitted, but no other swim aides are allowed. Swimmers can use any style stroke in the pool. They are allowed to hang on to the side or lane ropes to rest, but can’t move forward.

Click here for pool & transition maps

Age Group Distance
6 – 8 50-meters/two laps
9 – 10 100-meters/4 laps
11 – 12 150-meters/6 laps
13- 15 200-meters/8 laps


The bike course is an out and back on a rolling, paved course. It starts on The Club at Spindletop property, goes thru a gate, and onto a spur that connects with the Legacy Trail. There will be four turn around points (one for each age-group) marked with signs and volunteers. The Legacy Trail is not closed to the public on race day so athletes must watch for other riders, runners, and walkers. There are no water stations on the bike course. Race volunteers will be stationed throughout the bike course.

In transition athletes will put on shoes, helmets, and any other biking gear needed. By USA Triathlon rules, athletes must have their helmet on and chin strap secured before they touch their bike. Athletes will walk their bikes to Transition “OUT” and mount bikes when on the road. Upon completion of the bike leg, athletes must dismount bikes on the road and walk bikes to transition “IN where they will then prepare for the Run portion of the triathlon. They can’t remove their bike helmets until their bike is in its stand or on the ground. Parents please remind your athlete to ride their bike on the RIGHT side of the bike course.

Click here for bike course maps

Age Group Distance
6 – 8 1- mile
9 – 10 2-miles
11- 12 4- miles
13- 15 5- miles


The Run Course is an out and back run on private, dirt and asphalt roads on Spindletop property for all age groups.

After athletes have walked their bike into the transition area, and are ready to begin the run, they will exit the transition area at “RUN OUT,” and begin the last leg of the triathlon. A water station will be located at the gate leading to the run course, and a second water station will be on the course. At the end of the run,  the athletes will come down the finish line chute to the roars of the crowd, great music, and each will receive a race medal.

Click here for run course maps

Age Group Distance
6 – 8 500 – yards
9- 10 ½ – mile
11- 12 1 – mile
13- 15 1½ – miles


The Kid’s Legacy Triathlon is sanctioned by