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What is a youth triathlon?

Triathlon is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world, and youth triathlons are a vital part of this trend. There is no better way for a child to experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle focused on daily exercise and good nutrition.

Every triathlon consists of 4 components – swimming, biking, running and transitions. At The Kid’s Legacy Tri, athletes will only race against other children in their same age group. We will utilize a time trial start in The Club at Spindletop, 8-lane pool meaning each racer will enter the pool one at a time. As they complete their swim, they will get out of the pool, and jog down to the transition area to begin the bike portion of the race. After completing their ride on the Legacy Trail (an out and back), they will re-enter transition, drop-off their bike and exit onto the run course. The run is the final portion of the race. Computerized timing chips are used to track each participant throughout each part of the race.


What gear do I need for the triathlon?>

Wear your swim suit, and if you want, you can wear goggles. You are required to wear your Kid’s Legacy Tri swim cap during the swim. You will need a bike, a bike helmet with a chin strap, a bright towel, running shoes, socks, and some biking/running shorts if  you don’t want to ride or run in your swim suit. A visor or cap is optional for the run. So are sunglasses.  You can bring a water bottle with water or your favorite training liquid.

At packet pick-up, you will receive your race shirt that you wear on the bike and run course. You will also get a number that should be pinned on the front of your race shirt. Don’t forget to bring both to the race! Your parents may want to pack a change of clothes for you after the race, but that is optional too. Starting in 2016, athletes in the 13-15 year old group can wear their tri suit on the swim, bike, and run. They will need to wear their race number either on a race belt or race shirt.

What are the actual race distances?

6-8 years old= 50- meter swim (2 laps), 1-mile bike, and 500- yard run

9-10 year old=100- meter swim (4 laps), 2-mile bike, and ½-mile run

11-12 years old=150- meter swim (6 laps), 4-mile bike, and a 1 -mile run

13-15 year old=200- meter swim (8 laps), 5-mile bike, and 1½-mile run

Youngster 6-8 at mount line

How old do I have to be?

The Minimum RACE AGE (the child’s age as of 12/31) is 6- years old. On the other end of the spectrum, anyone turning 16 before December 31st, will not be allowed to race. Age guidelines are established by USA Triathlon.

Can I really complete a triathlon?

Race distances are set by USA Triathlon and designed to be challenging, yet achievable – even for first-timers. The word triathlon can scare people into thinking it is something they could never do. Plain and simple, if your child can swim a few or more laps in a pool, and ride their bike for 20 minutes without stopping, they can successfully complete a kid’s triathlon. If they cannot do this now, there still may be time to set some goals and to get ready to race.

Who is putting on the race?

The Kid’s Legacy Tri is the idea of Sam Dick, veteran triathlete, and the co-owner of CycleYOU. Sam has recruited some of the most knowledgeable triathletes and race veterans in the area to make this a fun, safe, and exciting event for the kids. In addition, The Kid’s Legacy Tri will be a sanctioned USA Triathlon race. That means USA Triathlon has reviewed the course layout, emergency precautions, and safety to make this sanctioned. Sam Dick is also a Level 1 USAT Certified Race Director.

The Club at Spindletop Hall, Presenting Sponsor McDonald’s of Central & Southeastern KY.,  and Silver Sponsor UK Children’s Hospital are all part of our race team for the athletes.

When can I pick up my race number and packet?

All participants should come to our Packet Pick-up on  Friday, June 2, 6:30-8 PM, or Saturday, June 3, 9-2 PM, at CycleYOU, 165 Midland Avenue in Lexington. These are the only scheduled times for packet and race number pick-up, though we will try to accommodate special exceptions from out-of town families.

There will NOT be any packet pick-up or registration on Race Day unless approved by Race Director. There are no refunds if weather cancels all or part of the race. A cancelled race will not be rescheduled.

What should I eat the night before the race?

While every person is different, most experts do NOT suggest a heavy meal the morning of a race. Every racer will need a lot of energy, so a traditional pasta dinner or other meal with lots of carbohydrates and protein is quite common the day before racing. Of course, you know your body and normal eating habits better than anyone. It is always safe to follow those. The only thing almost everyone agrees on . . . it is NOT a good time to try a new food for the first time.

What should I eat for breakfast on race day?

Again, it is best to listen to your body, and to do what feels right. It also depends on what time you get up and what time you are racing. Greasy, heavy food and milk are generally recipes for upset stomachs. A banana, orange, apple, bagel with peanut butter, or grapefruit are all reasonable, but again, it’s different for each child. One thing you do NOT want to do is skip breakfast on Race Day. You will need all the energy you can get to complete the race.

Tri Kid in front of Spindletop

When should I show up for the race?

Early! The gates at The Club at Spindletop Hall will open at 6:30 AM on race day. Your parents will be asked to park in one of three lots, and then racers check-in at the main tent. After checking in, you will be body marked with your race number and age. Next you can set up in your transition area. Parents and other non-racers are not allowed in the transition area after 8:30 AM. There will be trained volunteers available to help the children if needed.

There will be a MANDATORY pre-race meeting of all athletes in the transition at 8:15 AM. The gates to The Club at Spindletop Hall will be closed to all public traffic at 9 AM. The gates will not be reopened to traffic until the last runner has completed their run on the main drive into Spindletop. We expect to reopen the main gate to traffic between 10:30-11 AM.

The first swimmers will start at 8:30 AM.

The Kid’s Legacy Tri is sanctioned by