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Packet Pick-up & Race Day

There will be NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION for The Kid’s Legacy Tri. On-line registration closes on Wednesday, May 31st at midnight. We will take in-person registrations on Friday-Saturday at packet pick-up (see below) until the race is sold out. There is a late fee ($5 added per child)  for registrations after on-line closes. Children must be accompanied by their parent at packet pick-up.

You will be required to purchase an annual youth membership ($10) to USA Triathlon. You can purchase it by registering for this race. (The one-day license fee for youth has been discontinued). You can click here to purchase an annual youth membership

The Kid’s Legacy Tri race fee has remained the same each year at $30 per child. ( Early Registration March 1-March 31 is $25).

*There are no refunds if weather cancels all or part of the race. A cancelled race will not be rescheduled.


For The Kid’s Legacy Tri you can pick-up your race shirt, race packet (which includes your race numbers and swim cap) and goody bag before race day. We strongly encourage you to do this on the following dates:

• Friday, June 2, 6-8 PM, and Saturday, June 3, 9 AM- 2 PM, at CycleYOU, 165 Midland Avenue, Lexington (859) 455-3384. Parents can not pick-up packets before the times listed above. The staff at CycleYOU does not have access to race packets outside in person registration times.

Important: If you have registered on-line, or you are registering at packet pickup, parents need to bring an ID, and sign the USAT waiver for their child.

If you purchased an annual membership in USAT for your child, you will receive your USAT materials within 30-days following the race.


After parking, parents should escort their child with all their tri gear, including bike, to the main tent next to the white barn in the rear parking lot. Signs will direct you. You must check in with our race volunteers.

After checking in race morning at the main tent, your child should go to the body marking area (signs will direct you). Your child’s race number (found in race packet) will be marked on his/her leg and arm. These markings will be used to identify your child at the start of the swim. Your child will also have a timing chip attached to their left ankle. This is not removed until they cross the finish line.


There is a MANDATORY pre-race meeting for all athletes at 8:15 AM in the transition area.


We will be starting the triathlon by age groups beginning with the youngest, 6-8 years at 8:30 AM. Athletes will be called by their age group from the staging area to the swim start 15- minutes prior to their start time.
First Wave
8:30 AM
6-8 age group (GOLD)

Second Wave

9-10 age group (BLUE)
Will start when previous wave has turned around on bike, and headed back to transition.

Third Wave

11-12 age group (RED)
Will start when previous wave has turned around on bike, and headed back to transition.

Fourth Wave

13-15 age group (GREEN)
Will start when previous wave has turned around on bike, and headed back to transition.



In the sport of triathlon,  the Transition Area is like the hub in the center of a wheel with the swim, bike, and run like wheel spokes. The athlete passes through the Transition Area twice in the event. In the Transition Area the athlete moves from swimming to biking and then from biking to running.

The transition area for The Kid’s Legacy Tri is located below the pool in the rear parking lot, and is designated by signs, and brightly colored fencing.


Before the race:
Individual spots will be assigned and numbered. Each athlete will be in an area designated for their age group. This is where his/her bike, helmet, shoes/socks, shirt, shorts, towel and other needed gear will be located. Athletes should have their equipment set up at least 30- minutes before the 8:30 AM start time. To make sure everyone has room in the transition area, each athlete should use only the minimum amount of space required to place their equipment. Parents are allowed in the transition area to help their child until 8:30 AM.

During the race (i.e., from 8:30 AM until the final athlete is on the run course) no parents or guardians are permitted in the Transition Area, except for those with special needs. If you have special needs please designate that during check-in. Volunteers will be present to assist the athletes and to restrict access. This restriction is to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all of the athletes.


Following the swim the athlete moves to the Transition Area where he/she removes any swim equipment (goggles, swim cap) quickly dries off, puts on what is needed for the bike ride (each rider must wear a helmet and have it properly fastened). Athletes must walk their bike out of transition to the road, where they mount their bike and begin the bike leg of the race. Bathing suit removal is not permitted (i.e., no nudity). Athletes are required to wear their Kid’s Legacy Tri shirt on the bike and run. With one age-group exception. The 13-15 year old age group can wear a tri suit instead of their race shirt during the bike and run.  All other athletes not wearing a Kid’s Legacy Tri shirt during the bike and run will be disqualified from any awards. This is for safety so we can easily and quickly identify the children during the race on the bike and run courses.

After completing the bike course, the athlete returns to the Transition Area. The athlete must get off their bike at the dismount line,  and walk it back to where his/her equipment is located. The helmet and other riding equipment are removed, and the athlete prepares for the run. Generally young athletes ride their bikes in their running shoes so after removing their bike helmet they are ready for the run. Runners may jog to the Run Out sign in the Transition Area, watching for bikes and other runners. The triathlon finishes at the end of the run at the finish line.

After the race:
After completing the race,  athletes will not be allowed back into the transition area until the final competitor is out on the run course.
Volunteers will be present in the transition area. To remove the bike from the Transition Area you may be asked to show a race number and match it to the race number on the bike.

•Get to the race venue early so that you can set up your young athlete’s Transition Area location.

•Complete your Transition Area setup by 8:15 AM. There will be a MANDATORY pre-race meeting at 8:15 AM., after which the 6-8 yr old age group will be lined up in the pool area.

•Bring 2 towels, one of which should be old. Put the old towel on the ground beside the bike at your child’s location and place his/her race stuff on it. The other towel is for drying after the swim.

•It is recommended that you have a full water bottle there so your athlete can grab a quick drink before exiting the Transition Area.

•The time spent in the Transition Area counts towards the overall time so it should be as fast as is reasonable, but not so fast that your athlete forgets to put on his/her helmet or tie his/her shoes.

•Volunteers will be present in the Transition Area to assist athletes during the race so we ask that parents please stay out for the safety of the participants.

The Kid’s Legacy Triathlon is sanctioned by