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The purpose of the following rules is to insure that participants in The Kid’s Legacy Tri is to complete the course safely, and have a good time doing so! We feel all children who can complete the course are winners! USA Triathlon insures this event, and has recommended these rules for safety reasons. The Race Director may disqualify anyone who does not comply.

I. OUTSIDE ASSISTANCE: Parents can not assist children during any portion of the event. Trained volunteers are stationed throughout the course to lend any assistance needed to insure participant safety and well-being.

II. COURSE: Each participant must complete the entire prescribed course in order to be eligible to receive age level awards. Volunteers and signage are available throughout the course to show the way, but participants bear the responsibility for being familiar with the course.

III. SWIM: Any stroke is allowed, there is no disqualification for style or stopping. You can‘t move forward while resting on the wall or pool lines. Certified lifeguards from The Club at Spindletop Hall will be on hand.

IV. TRANSITION AREA: All equipment must be placed in designated area before 8:30 AM. From 8:30 until the final athlete is out on the run course ONLY PARTICIPANTS and volunteers will be allowed in the transition area. Bicycles must be walked in/out of the transition area, and are to be mounted and dismounted at a designated point outside the transition area, which will be clearly indicated and manned by volunteers.


V. BIKE: (A) An ANSI approved helmet must be worn and chin straps secured at all times the participant is astride the bicycle. All bicycles must be in safe working order and brakes may not be altered from the original condition. (B) Riders must follow traffic laws. [Riders must ride on the RIGHT side of the road. Riders must pass to the left of the rider being overtaken and then return to the right shoulder. When passing, please call out “on your left” to let the person in front of you know you are there. Do not cross the yellow center dividing line unless directed to do so by a race volunteer.] Riders must ride the full distance to the turn-around point and back. It is the parent’s responsibility to see that bikes and helmets are in good working order.  (C) Drafting: Riding closely behind another bike and therefore using them as a windbreak is prohibited. Please note: the Legacy Trail is not closed to the public on race day so riders to need to be aware of others.

VI. RUN: Participants must run or walk the complete running course.LegacyTrailBeauty

VII. SPORTSMANSHIP:Infraction by participants or parents of any of the rules or exhibition of unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification. This includes the use of profanity or rudeness before, during, or after the race.

VIII. RACE NUMBERS: Race numbers will be marked on each athlete’s body during Registration. All athletes must have their bib number pinned on their race shirt during the bike and run, and wear it. You can also use a race belt with your race number attached.

IX. TIMING: Each athlete must be wearing their running bib number when they cross the finish line to complete the race. At the finish line volunteers will collect the pull tab on the bottom of the bib number and their ankle chip.



The Kid’s Legacy Tri is sanctioned by